Housing & Living Conditions, Social & Community, July 16, 2020, 8 p.m.

U-turn's Good News and Mandela Day Ideas

Author: riaan@wecanchange.co.za

South Africa celebrates Nelson Mandela's birthday this Saturday, by making a lasting change in other's lives. The words lasting change are key.

We are deeply grateful to Christ Church Kenilworth for their gift that will enable us to turn more lives around... 

CCK gifted the use of their Church House, for U-turn to provide affordable accommodation for people our final phase "Life Change" programme. 

Life Change champions work full-time at one of U-turn's social enterprises.  Most champions currently live in shelters while they look for low-cost housing - which is difficult to find - or rebuild relationships with family.

Church House will fill this gap.

It will offer affordable, transitional accommodation for 12-18 months before champions step into private rented accommodation. And in turn, this opens up much needed space in shelters (there are over 4000 people on the streets of Cape Town and thousands remain stranded without access to a bed).

Church House has also created a space for meaningful conversations with our Kenilworth neighbours about sustainable solutions for our City, and we have been deeply moved by the growing support. 




























































On July 25, Church House will open its doors to its first 12 residents. This will increase to 25 residents once alterations to the property are complete. 

Mandela Day idea:
Church House still needs urgent items like towels, bedding, beds, mattresses, kettles, and more. You can take a look at the complete list here: http://homeless.org.za/campaigns/church-house 


Finally, Covid-19 crisis has left more people unemployed and in need. Aunty Helen and her team at the U-turn Service Centre have provided over 14,890 meals this year alone. Up to 100 people access meals and clothing every day (triple the number of people last year).
























The photo above shows the long queue for meals and services, the first step in the U-turn journey to employment. Thank you Aunty Helen and the extended team of staff and volunteers for the change you make every day.

We pray for our City during these difficult times. Our deep thanks to you, for all that you do in your daily life to make a difference!