Housing & Living Conditions, Sept. 2, 2022, 8:55 a.m.

Uniting with Maersk to share shelter across Latin America

Author: info@klassikdigital.co.za

With great pride we announce another great collaboration. This time with the world's biggest shipping company MAERSK!

This pilot provides Sheltersuits & Shelterbags for hard-to-reach, vulnerable communities in 5 countries: Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and Honduras. With this sustainable partnership, we are ultimately seeking to establish local production to create jobs and opportunities in Latin America.


Leveraging Maersk's logistic and transportation expertise we are able to distribute effectively and efficiently. Working closely with local distribution partners, we ensure the best possible outcomes for distribution in a new territory.


"It is part of our social responsibility to support a foundation like Sheltersuit, which has created a significant impact in the most vulnerable communities. Not only by delivering Sheltersuits, but creating a network to make them and in our case providing the logistical capacity to make them reach the whole world.

- Robbert Van Trooijen, VP Maersk Latin America -


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Volunteers throughout these countries worked together in a collaborative effort to coordinate the shipments and ensure these items reached the hands of those in need. This week Bas joined distributions all over Bogotá. Follow us on instagram to get involved!



At Sheltersuit we design, produce and distribute solutions for different climates to protect people experiencing homelessness. For this project in Latin America we mainly went for the Shelterbag. A portable, waterproof bed that rolls up into a bag. It is waterproof, lightweight, easy to handle and has an extra compartment for some personal items.


It comes with a built-in mattress and a pillow, but also has room for an extra sleeping bag or blanket, making it adaptable for all seasons.


"These Shelterbags were created with the purpose of rethinking the function of clothing in the context of a society with housing problems.

- Asociación Civil Mamis Solidarias, Argentina -


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This is how you can help us

We are here for people who are unable to afford products with which they can protect themselves against cold, rain and wind.


Your donation enables us to produce a steady flow of Sheltersuits and Shelterbags, to train more people, provide jobs and allow people to reintegrate into the labor market. Only together can we create change that makes a difference.


We can change the world together! People helping people!


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